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Episode 150: Livestream, Lovestream


Episode 149: Always Be Pluggin’


Episode 147: A Fine Feminine Affair


Episode 146: Bringing Blockbusters


Episode 145: Wormy No Worming!

diamond comics

Diamond Comics to Release Online Pre-order Service Called “Pullbox”

The Old School Convention 2018


Episode 138: Man Whines About Being Sick – Story at 10

blizzcon 2017

Episode 132: BlizzCon’t Wait


Pathfinder Worldscape Humble Bundle Offer

stephen king

Episode 125: Stephen King Presents Dueling Ogres


Episode 121: SDCC We Hardly Knew Thee


Episode 118: The Sluice of the Internet


Episode 117: Touch Brandon

digital copy

Episode 115: We’ll Be Your Digital Copy if You’ll Be Our Pumpkin Pie

david c hayes

Episode 112: David C. Hayes – I am the Wolfman, I am the Swamp Thing


Episode 110: What’s Happening, Marvel?!


Episode 109: The Devastating Backblast Attack!


Episode 108: Sheldon Brings the Venom to Buzz Aldrin’s Facebook Mummy?


Episode 107: Mama Don’t Take My Cosplay Away

Jason Lewis Star Trek Deviations

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo: Interview with Jason Lewis

James Patrick

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo: Interview with James Patrick

asylum comics

Episode 106: Asylum for the Inner Geek

classic plastics toy store

Classic Plastics: A Mattel-All with Tony Workman

star wars

Episode 105: Star Wars, The First Hoobawhutz

Episode 102: Soak Up the Stank


Episode 98: Are We Boring?! We’re Certainly Insecure!

Parkersburg Pop Con

Episode 92: Pop-Contastrophe!

Parkersburg Pop Con

Episode 91: Interview with a Specialist

Chris Metzen

Senior VP Chris Metzen Retires from Blizzard!

Bethesda, sony

Episode 89: Sony Don’t Need No Mods

suicide squad

Episode 87: Suicide Squad – Just Good Enough to Watch

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Episode 86: Grand Admiral for a Day


Livestream at BearCon RIGHT NOW!!

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Comments on Cap’s Confession


Mockingbird: The Puzzle Box Comic

Episode 80: No Affiliation Whatsoever

AMC Brings us “Preacher”

Agent Carter show

Bloody Thursday (All My Favorite Shows Got Cut)


Episode 78: Civil War’s Got Nothing on Dueling Ogres

Comic book

Happy Free Comic Book Day 2016!


Episode 77: XOXO Gossipalien

classic plastics toy & comic expo

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – Pics


Episode 76: Netflix Schmetflix

DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth Revealed

death of wolverine

Episode 75: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Wolverine


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Laurel Lance

Dinah Laurel Lance, Professional Badass

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Enter Negan


Episode 73: Hearthstoned

classic plastics toy & comic expo

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – Part 4

classic plastics toy & comic expo

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – Part 3

classic plastics toy & comic expo

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – Part 2


Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – DeadNecks Interview

classic plastics toy & comic expo

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo! – Part 1

HIVE and The Return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

classic plastics toy & comic expo

My First Con/Expo

superhero tv

Episode 72: Get Your Superhero TV On!


Episode 70: A Missed Opportunity

green arrow

From Quiver to Arrow: How Green Arrow Affected My Life


Looking For Bloggers!


Episode 69: Deadpool Is Four Times More Fantastic


Episode 66: FEED THE EGO!

Manatee Pimpin' webcomics


Jimmy Durante

Episode 29: Ha-Chyah-Chyah-Chyah!

suicide squad

Episode 28: Is Always Moose & Squirrel

21 pulp

Episode 26: Is it Pasta, or Impasta?

monty python

Episode 24: Why is This So Hard?!


Episode 23: Which Witch Does the Witching?

marvel vs dc

Episode 21: I Am Not Aquaman


Episode 18: Timey-Wimey

21 Pulp Logo

Episode 17: None of Us are Batman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Episode 14: The Secret of the Looos…ers


Episode 13: Michael Douglas is Not British

Wolverine riding a my little ponies tattoo

Episode 12: The Attack of the Bronysaurus *or* Pegasisters Be Praised!

Pope Francis I

Episode 11: It’s-ah Me! Da Pope!