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Bloody Thursday (All My Favorite Shows Got Cut)

Last week I read a headline on Yahoo! News that described last Thursday (May 12) as bloody Thursday, and for good reason. All my favorite shows got cut. ABC did so much damage that I was very visibly angry for most of Friday. Most of the shows I watch are on the CW and those are all safe, but it’s been a long weekend of mulling over the travesty of lost television come this fall.

Castle Show

Everyone seems to be most angry about Castle, but in my opinion this has been a long time coming. I have never watched Castle, but I am a huge Nathan Fillion fan so I see some of the things going on. He and co-star Stana Katic have not been getting along on set for several seasons now and so when she announced that she was not coming back for season 9 I think that the cancellation of Castle was inevitable.

The other ABC shows that took a hit are Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Muppets, GalavantNashville, and The Family. However, they kept Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t get me wrong – I love Grey’s Anatomy, but after 11 seasons it’s getting repetitive and they’ve killed off almost all of the main characters. Getting rid of Derek was the icing on the cake for me and I haven’t watched any of this season. My problem with this is that they are keeping old shows that have no new story lines and aren’t really bringing in new viewers and they are axing the new shows with fresh actors and actresses that are superb but have never been given a chance to grow. Marvel has a huge following currently and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is very popular so I am not sure what the reasoning is behind the cancellation of Agent Carter. It was a great show that featured a strong woman as the lead character and we could sure use more of that in this day and age.

There is currently a petition going around to try and save Agent Carter via Netflix, so if you’re interested in saving the show head over to the petition here. As of this afternoon it has 40,000 signatures.

MMW show
Bobbi and Lance, Marvel’s Most Wanted

Also at ABC they decided not to green light the Mockingbird and Hunter series, Marvel’s Most Wanted. I know they flip flopped on this a lot awhile ago, but they had finally made a decision. Then tore our hearts out with most gut-wrenching goodbye ever when they had Bobbi and Lance leave Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. only to end up NOT giving them the show. So now we don’t have Bobbi or Lance in their own show OR on AoS. But they greenlit a reboot of Uncle Buck. WHAT!? I did get some good new this morning, though, that they renewed Last Man Standing, which we watch in our house about 20 hours a day.

This news came on the tails of the announcement that Natalie Portman is not going to be in Thor: Ragnorak. I seriously don’t know what what the hell is going through the minds of the people at ABC/Marvel/Disney. Another strong female character missing from the spotlight even though fans like her. Kevin Feige did mention that Inhumans isn’t entirely off the table, just indefinite in it’s time frame. This did brighten up my weekend quite a bit because I was really looking forward to Inhumans and all the ways it could tie into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Other cancellations include CBS’s Under The Dome. Supergirl narrowly avoided cancellation by being picked up by The CW for season two. FOX cancelled the John Stamos series, Grandfathered, which featured Colton Haynes as his son and The Grinder. I’m just grateful that New Girl gets to stick around a little while longer.

Did your favorite show get the axe? Tell me all about it!

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I write about the most important nerd things - like Doctor Who, Green Arrow, Supernatural, Outlander, Marvel everything, and anything Always Keep Fighting related.