DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth Revealed

At WonderCon 2016, DC dominated the event with the announcement of the DC Universe and the Rebirth series. Each title will have a new set of artists and writers, bringing on Jim Lee (yay!) as well as some of our favorite artists. But what in the world does “rebirth” mean? When I first heard it, I just rolled my eyes. Great, another “reboot” to change the storylines and confuse the fan base. I was wrong. So what exactly is the “rebirth”?

rebirth revealedBasically, comic book sales have been really bad for DC the past few years. The storylines have been beyond confusing, especially the storyline for Superman. Honestly, I quit reading DC comics years ago because they bored me. DC has tried different strategies to boost sales, such as the Flashpoint storyline and the New 52 initiative. So the Rebirth is just a concept to bring back our beloved heroes. The content of the series is pre-Flashpoint and New 52. Hopefully we will see more character driven storylines and a restoration of the DC Universe. The slate has been wiped clean at DC, with new writers and artists bringing a fresh take on the DC Universe; and with any luck, bring the fans back. On May 25th, DC will release an 80-page Rebirth issue.

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