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Fear the Walking Dead?


fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-key-art-logo-400x600With that being said, let us move on to Fear the Walking Dead. Season 2 is upon us and the premiere was quite interesting and has brought us into the beginning days of the apocalypse. The opening scene of LA on fire and getting bombed presumably by the military was actually pretty cool. I personally thought it was refreshing to see a city besides New York getting destroyed, but that’s just me. We see our group on the beach struggling to get to water while Chris grieves over Liza’s body. This scene was hard to watch because I wanted to just yell at Travis and Madison to impale the walkers through the head, but I had to remind myself that this is the beginning. They wouldn’t know to do that.

The episode moves pretty slowly as we learn the dynamics of the group of survivors when our first moral dilemma of the season takes place. In open sea, “The Abigail” reaches a group of survivors of around 20 people and Strand refuses to help them. This sets the tone. We learn that Madison wants to be the hero and save everyone and that Strand is cold and calculating. We are left to wonder Strand’s intentions for saving those on board and if he has an ulterior motive. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, I believe that it is safe to assume that he indeed does.

I wasn’t a big fan of the teenage angst part of Chris, Travis’ son. To me, he seems very self-centered and I would really like to throat punch him and tell him to get it together. Alicia is a typical naïve girl who unwittingly gives away their location to potential pirates. This just may make the season super interesting, because it shows we the viewers that you are not safe by land or sea.

Nick Clark
Frank Dillard as Nick Clark

The real hero of the episode is Nick. Even though we didn’t see a lot of him, it’s what we did see that has me impressed. Nick is an addict, presumably all addicts are selfish and self-absorbed. Tonight we see Nick shred a walker with a motor boat, jump into the water after Chris, offer to help other passengers, and defend his sister to Strand. Who is this guy?! This is not the same Nick as last season and it’s hard to wrap my head around how someone can change in a matter of days. Perhaps this is the big ticket! As we already know, the apocalypse changes people.

The difficult part of watching the premiere is that at times it is really slow. I encourage fans to give it time and keep an open mind that this is the beginning of everything. We are so used to seeing Rick Grimes and company kick ass and forget names. Fear the Walking Dead isn’t anywhere near this point and it will require patience from the fans. Right now we are just getting to know our group of survivors. Hang in there fans, Gail Anne Hurd has yet to fail us.


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