Here are a few of our best friends, supporters, contacts, and peers. This is also a catch-all for any interviews we’ve done, extra projects, contest rules, as well as terms and conditions (at least until we get enough to make a new page to separate all this stuff ūüėČ ).

Friends of Dueling Ogres

schmo mo newsSchmo Mo News
Aka the Wizard in the Wardrobe, she’s our most hooked-in supporter!


21 Pulp Logo21 Pulp
From the mind of James Patrick & home of Hero Hourly, Jetpack Jump, & more! Check out James’ interviews here, here and here!


Viscount Author Terry W. Ervin II
Our resident Viscount, he’s written a book of short stories, 6 novels, 2 novellas, & more on the way! Check out his interviews here, here, and¬†here!


smokalokeTwitch Streamer Smokaloke
One of the best & most genuine entertainment streamers you will ever meet! Check out his interview here!


Rebirth-Defect-Stephen-HinesAuthor Stephen Hines
Rebirth Defect, Valedictorian USA, Zombie Fabulous, Crackerstacker, and Hocus Focus, Stephen’s a jack of all trades! Check out his interview here!


nihilismgamingNihilism Gaming
Heroes of the Storm Coaching РHigh quality coaching available on both US and EU servers, all lessons done by voice chat. Check out their interview here!


A live-action comedy-horror series from the minds of Jordan Patton & Aaron Ferguson! Check out their interview here!


Gentlemen's Sword Gentlemen’s Sword
Bringing you a table-side view of Dungeons & Dragons and other games! Check out their interview here!

Fellow Podcasters

Screaming Boy PodcastThe Screaming Boy Podcast
Movies, tv, videogames, comics, football…if you can nerd about it, Ronnie &¬†Adam talk about it! With a crew of correspondents that provide the best in nerd knowledge & news, they give a hilarious & insightful look at nerd culture.

KA-POW! The Pop Cultured Podcast
A lively podcast discussion hosted by The Illustrious Michael K Easton, Jordan Lowe, Cliff Barnes, and The Grand Poohbah about comics, television, film and everything else making waves this week inside fan culture.

Source MaterialSource Material Podcast
Jesse Starcher (Twitter @stiznarkey) of the Radulich in Broadcasting Network discusses some of the great and sometimes not-so-great comic book story arcs that have ever been published with a variety of guests.

Mickey Bars Podcast
Your hosts, Cliff and Elisha discuss Disney Parks, Movies, Tv, and the company itself each week in a family friendly podcast. Keep up to date on news, tips, and our favorite things about Disney.

Imperius Rex: Confessions of a Serial Surface InvaderImperius Rex: Confessions of a Serial Surface Invader
A podcast discussing the early adventures of Prince Namor the First of Atlantis, better known as the Sub-Mariner, from his return in the silver age to his first full sized solo book.

90’s TV Hour
The podcast where Jenny and her friends take a trip down memory lane, and see if our favorite shows from the 90s hold up in today’s cynical world.


What’s Going On with Cash, Joel, and the Freebird!
What’s Going On? w/ Cash & Joel is a podcast about anything & everything that’s going on in Cash & Joel’s world. Their world is mostly the same as your world, only much much dumber.


Up Around the Corner – by Terry W. Ervin II


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Asset: “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin MacLeod (



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