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We’re looking for geek and nerd culture correspondents to cover anything from movies to videogames to RPG’s and comics or novels! If it’s geek-chic, we want to hear what you have to say (and so do our readers)! This could be in written, audio, or video format! If you have your own blog, channel, or really anything else, you’re more than welcome to plug your works through your posts. ¹

We’re also looking for people who are active with social media to help spread the word and start dialogue with fans. Similarly, we’re looking for outgoing individuals to help arrange interviews, appearances, or provide awesome ideas for contests/giveaways.

Further, we’re interested in allowing budding artists, photographers, and/or graphic designers to build and practice skills while adding items for their portfolios. Your work could be featured across multiple platforms for a varied audience!²

¹Please note that any and all of these positions are considered unpaid and that whatever services you provide are strictly in a volunteer capacity. At any time, a Dueling Ogres administrator at their sole discretion may provide a monetary bonus for exemplary work or works. This bonus is not guaranteed, nor should it ever be expected as it will come directly from the administrator’s pocket and not from any money Dueling Ogres makes as an entity (spoilers: we hemorrhage money XD). Certain expectations may be held, such as meeting deadlines or suggestions to improve or mold your content to an appropriate standard, however you may sever your relationship at any point with no prior notice to other Dueling Ogres staff. Communication of such a severance in advance is very much appreciated and we will certainly be sad to see you go!

²Please also note that legally none of these positions are considered internships, though if you provide Dueling Ogres with services and want to use your work with us as an example of your skills in other potential business ventures, you are encouraged to do so. If you performed admirably, we will gladly provide a written or verbal reference for potential employers.