Episode 80: No Affiliation Whatsoever

If you heard the Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Infinity War, you just got Loki’d!


Here are a few of our best friends, supporters, contacts, and peers. This is also a catch-all for any interviews we’ve done, extra projects, contest rules, as well as terms and conditions (at least until we get enough to make a new page to separate all this stuff 😉 ). Interviews Up Around the Corner … Continue reading “Friends”

Episode 77: XOXO Gossipalien

This episode is abound with Hasbro news! Why, you ask? Good question! Why not ask the guys who want to make a movie about Play-Doh!

Episode 75: Paper, Rock, Scissors, Wolverine

Brandon and Rem team up on a hunt for Dani Mo for all of a minute before they get tired and visit Wolverine!