Once More Unto the Breach! | Next Up Hero

Rem gets some guests to stop by as he dives into Next Up Hero again! Make sure to follow us on twitch.tv/duelingogres. Even if you don’t stop by, it’ll mean a lot!

Episode 131: Serendipitous Storytelling!

This seriously may be our most serendipitous episode to date! I promise, we’re not well enough organized to have planned it!

Episode 107: Mama Don’t Take My Cosplay Away

The big discussion is Elite Con’s banning of Cosplay, but first you have to slog through our inane banter!

Episode 101: It’s Time to SWITCH to Better Hosts

This week we dive into the Nintendo Switch set to launch March 3rd, 2017! Brandon’s NASA training brings the insight, Rem brings the titles!