Quantum Conundrum || Everyone Has a Crazy Uncle PT 1

A fun, adorable 3-D puzzle platformer with none other than Q himself as the disembodied voice of our Uncle!

Headlander || Who’s the Real Head Cheese?!

The infiltration has truly begun in Headlander as we join forces with The Daughters of Lucia-13! Bring it on, Methuselah!

Headlander || Heads Up! Power’s Down

Headlander is back, but is Methuselah plotting on Rem in real life with a power outage? Probably not, but a girl can dream!

HeadLander || Keep Your Head on a Swivel!

Rem returns with the second half of his first run in Headlander! Wait until the end and see the sleep in his eyes!

HeadLander || Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Rem regales us with head puns in Headlander by Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim! He admits to playing a bit before, will he get ahead this episode?

Once More Unto the Breach! | Next Up Hero

Rem gets some guests to stop by as he dives into Next Up Hero again! Make sure to follow us on twitch.tv/duelingogres. Even if you don’t stop by, it’ll mean a lot!